The first necromancer and founder of the Golden Path.

Born into the priest caste Ananda's early life was devoted to the gods; administering rites and caring for temples. Exposure to foreign travelers brought exposure to unknown gods and alien miracles. These eventually clouded Ananda’s mind.

Ith sought enlightenment on a pilgrimage through the Underworld. Finding kingdoms of the dead ruled by gods both familiar and strange.

Ananda wandered until reaching the Wheel of Fate. Here the truth was revealed. The shades of the dead are kept prisoner by the gods but cannot see the bars and chains, kept for power and control over the living, Until the pull of the Wheel became too strong for even the gods to stop and the shade forced along on to reincarnate.

Ananda learned from the Wheel; secrets of life, death, and the soul. Ith became apostate and began to teach others. Continually reincarnating iths mastery of the art allowed ith to retain memories from lifetime to lifetime, choosing a new body each time; believing that each new life brought its own unique perspective and wisdom.

Iths first disciples were from the families ith grew up in and taught.

~ Whirling Golden Brush


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